Dry Beans

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Dry Beans are certified organic and New York State grown. 

Dry Beans by the bag through the CSA Marketplace

Dry Beans by the 24 oz. (1.5 pound) bag can be ordered from the online CSA Marketplace and will be delivered with the CSA shares the week the order is placed during the CSA season. There are four varieties of dry beans available through the CSA Marketplace: Organic Black Turtle Beans, Organic Pinto Beans, Organic Cannellini Beans, Organic Red Kidney Beans.  The beans are in 24 oz (1.5 pound) bags.   

Black Turtle Beans

Low in fat and cholesterol free, these classic beans make a healthy and delicious staple for every meal of the day. They are a good source of fiber, protein, and iron. Black turtle beans are often recommended as an important part of a healthy vegetarian diet.

Cooking Ideas: Soups, Salads, Salsa, Tacos, Burritos, Refried Beans, Burgers, Brownies

Pinto Beans

Pinto beans are a low-fat source of protein and dietary fiber. Pinto beans also provide a good amount of iron. Pinto beans are the ultimate bean to have on hand in the pantry. This is truly an all-purpose bean!

Cooking Ideas: Chili, Soups, Stews, Baked Beans, Refried Beans, Hummus, Brownies

Cannellini  Beans

Cannellini beans can also be referred to as White Kidney Beans or fagioli and haricots blancs. They have a nutty, earthy flavor and creamy texture and tender flesh. Cannellini beans are wonderfully nutritious. They're fat free and high in protein, fiber, and iron.

Cooking Ideas:  Cannellini beans can be used interchangeably with other white beans and they're excellent in many dishes, especially soups, stews, chilis and puréed bean spreads or dips. Because they hold their shape better than other white beans, they are a favorite for ragouts and bean salads. They  are often used in Italian dishes like Minestrone.  Popular in Italian, Greek and French cuisines.

Red Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are low in fat and a good source of fiber, iron, and protein. When combined with whole grains, kidney beans provide high-quality vegetarian protein. Since these red beans hold their shape exceptionally well during cooking and readily absorb surrounding spices and flavors, they are a favorite bean to use in simmered dishes.

Cooking Ideas: Use as a marinated bean, Chili, Hummus, Cold Salad, Simmered, Brownies

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