Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about registration and ordering?  Most commonly asked questions are answered below. If you have further questions please contact us by sending an e-mail.  Our email address is . We may not  be able to get back to you right away so please be patient during our growing season. 

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Farm Visits

There are two opportunities for CSA members to visit the farm.  One visit is scheduled in the Spring and the second in early fall.  Please watch your e-mails for specific dates and times.

Visiting Stoneledge Farm

When visiting Stoneledge Farm for a Farm Visit please use 145 Garcia Lane, Leeds, NY 12451 for GPS.

Stoneledge Farm is located in Greene County, the Great Northern Catskills, Hudson Valley region.

NYC Mass transit available:

Train: You can take an Amtrak train from Penn Station directly to Hudson.  The ride is two hours and the train station is conveniently located in downtown Hudson. 

NYC to Hudson NY- 

Hudson is about a 15 minute drive to the farm.  You will need to rent a car to get from Hudson to the farm.  Rental cars available from Enterprise located near the train station.  Contact Enterprise to let them know you will need to be picked up at the train station and to reserve a car.  

 Hudson Car Rental (Enterprise)

350 Fairview Ave, COLUMBIA PLAZA, Hudson, NY, US, 12534, 518-828-5492



Please refer to the following websites for more information about the area The farm is located in Greene County, Northern Catskills region. – local resident lists daily and weekly happenings, like wine tastings and film screenings throughout Columbia County


Hudson NY-Columbia County

Many options available.  Hudson is a small upstate New York city with many restaurants and shops.  Warren Street – This is the main street in Hudson and has great shops, restaurants, antiques stores, book shops, cafes, boutiques, galleries and second hand stores. 

for Trip Advisor recommendations. - This website offers accommodations in Hudson, NY.  Only accommodations that have been reviewed are listed.

Greene County directory of places to stay

 THINGS TO DO, PLACES TO EAT  home page Catskills directory directory of attractions local brewery and cafe Wineries in the Hudson Valley region Circle W Market, Palenville  Heather Ridge Farm and Bees Knees Cafe, Preston Hollow Gracies, Leeds Lime Kiln Farm, Coxsackie 

 Cultural Points of Interest:

The Hudson River School : An art movement in the mid 19th century, the Hudson River School, was a group of  American painters influenced by the romantic period in Europe.  They are known for their breathtaking paintings of landscapes of the Catskill Mountains, Hudson River and surrounding areas, the Adirondacks and the White Mountains. Thomas Cole house Olana Historic site

Olana Historic Estate:  The beautiful Persian style home of Frederic Church, a well known Hudson River painter which has been preserved with his artwork for the public to view.  It sits on top of a beautiful hill overlooking the Hudson River.

Outdoor Activities:

Hiking and Biking – hiking in the Catskills local outdoor adventures guide

 There are many beautiful bike rides and hiking trails in the area overlooking the mountains with incredible views of the Hudson River.

Bike Hudson Valley

Harlem Valley Rail Trail

Catskill Hiking Guide

South Berkshire Hiking Guide (

Hudson Valley Hiking Guide (

Bash Bish Falls –

Greenport – http//



I am a new member.  How do I register and order a share?

As a new CSA member you will need to first create a Member Account and then place an order for your CSA shares for the season.  Your Member Account will carry into the next season but you will need to place an order for your shares at the beginning of each CSA season.

Click on New Member Registration on the farm website home page

From  the CSA location of your choice select New Member Register box and complete the registration.

Place your order for the CSA Share(s) by following the prompts.

Read the Membership Agreement and the Volunteer Agreement . You will agree by checking off the boxes.

Select payment method to complete the order. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. 

I am a returning CSA member and have a CSA Member Account.  How do I order a share?
You have created a CSA Member Registration and have an account already in the system.  Do not create a New Member Registration.

Click on Member Log in on the farm website

Log in with your e-mail address and password.  If you do not remember your password, select the Forgot Password option and follow the instructions.

Select CSA Shares.  

Place your order for the CSA Share(s) by following the prompts. 

Optional shares can be added anytime before delivery begins by logging into your CSA member account.

 Read and agree to the Membership Agreement and the Volunteer Agreement by checking off the boxes.  Select Payment method to complete the order. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address once the order is placed.  

Can I change my CSA site?

Before ordering a share a member can transfer their CSA membership to a new CSA location.  Please contact the farm to make a CSA site change at

After the season has started a member can transfer  to a new location by contacting the farm at least 2 weeks in advance. 

I would like to add an optional share to my existing Vegetable Share.  How do I update my current Vegetable Share order?

Optional Shares can be added to your original Vegetable Share order any time up until delivery starts or the optional shares are sold out for that CSA site.  The Mushroom Share, Dry Bean Share and Coffee Shares start with the first CSA delivery.  The Fruit Share will start with the 5th Vegetable Share delivery when local fruit is available.

 Log into your account.   Place your order by selecting the optional shares and adding them to your cart.  Complete the payment section.   A confirmation e-mail will be sent.

 If the Vegetable Share is split between share partners, each share partner can add individual Optional Shares to the order.  Follow the directions below.

How do I add a Share Partner to share ?
Add the share partner to the share selection  before adding to the cart.  Select the partner from the Share Partner drop down box or  add a new share partner to your account click on “add your share partner”. 

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the share partner.   Both members are agreeing to the Terms of Membership and also the Volunteer Requirements, both have their own individual CSA accounts.  

When a share partner is added to the order, each partner will be billed for their portion of the share order.  The share partner entering the order will be able to pay for their portion when completing the order.  The share partner that has been added will need to log into their Member Account and make payment.  If payment by check is preferred,  please  make payable to Stoneledge Farm, and mail to Stoneledge Farm, 145 Garcia Lane, Leeds, NY  12451.

I am listed as a share partner for a Standard Vegetable Share and would like to order a Fruit Share for my own.  How do I order a Fruit Share if I am a Share Partner on another members Vegetable Share?

If you have been added to an order as a share partner you will receive an e-mail that you must respond to and Accept the share partner invitation.  At that time your account will become active any you will have a current Vegetable Share order listed under your name.  Log into your account with your e-mail and password.

You have a Vegetable Share ordered for the season so you can add optional shares.

I only want to order a Fruit Share.  The system will not allow me to only order a Fruit Share/Coffee Share.
The Vegetable share is the base CSA share. To order a Fruit Share, Mushroom, Dry Bean or a Coffee Share, the CSA member needs to have a Vegetable Share ordered. 


Are there payment options?

There are two options for payment via credit card or check:  pay in full or total divided into four monthly payments.  

If you select the four payment with a credit card, an initial payment of 1/4 of the total will be charged at check out.  Your card will be securely stored off site and automatically charged for the remaining three payments in one, two and three months time.  You will receive a reminder e-mail when the remaining payments are due.   Confirmation e-mails for all payments will be sent to your e-mail account.

 If the Pay with Check, four payments is selected the first payment is due when the share is ordered.  You will receive a reminder e-mail when the remaining payments are due in one, two and three months following the initial order.

 If you would like to set up an extended payment plan, please contact the farm.  We are happy to work with members, but the commitment is for the entire season and members are expected to complete payment for the shares.

I have a Share Partner entered on my order.  How do we each make payment for our 1/2 of the share?
When a share partner is added to the order, each partner will be responsible for their portion of the share order.  The share partner entering the order will be able to pay for their portion when completing the order.  The share partner that has been added will need to log into their Member Account and make payment.  If payment by check is preferred,  please  make payable to Stoneledge Farm, and mail to Stoneledge Farm, 145 Garcia Lane, Leeds, NY  12451.

Do you accept EBT benefits?
At this time only one CSA site, Chelsea offers payment with SNAP.  Please contact the Chelsea CSA site coordinator directly for more information,




When does the CSA start  and the dates of the pick-ups? Will I receive some sort of notification?

The season is scheduled for 24 weeks from June into November.

The start up dates can be found on the Our CSA tab.    Each CSA group has a CSA Core Group that organizes and coordinates the CSA.  Before the season starts you will receive e-mail information from the CSA group.   

Each week during the CSA season members receive an e-mail message from the farm with weekly news from the farm and the list of the upcoming weeks share.  The weekly share will also be listed on the farm website "What's In the Bag" section.

At the bottom of the farm website   "News "section will have updated coming events and important dates.

I can’t get to the CSA site to pick up my share.  Can I have a neighbor pick up the share?
Yes, but please notify the site coordinators so the name can be noted on the sign in roster.  All shares that are not picked up are donated to a local community organization at the end of distribution.

Can I change my CSA site?
Before ordering a share a member can transfer their CSA membership to a new CSA location.  

Please contact the farm to assist you in changing CSA locations.  Please contact the farm at for assistance.

After the season has started a member can transfer  to a new location by contacting the farm at least 2 weeks in advance. 


What is the amount of vegetables in the Vegetable Share?

The Standard Vegetable Share is generally enough for a family of 4, but many single or two person households find that a Standard Share is just right for them.  It really depends on how many vegetables you eat in a week.  There are generally 6-8 different vegetables each week including an herb most weeks.  The vegetables are Certified Organic and are harvested according to their season.  The vegetable varieties will vary.  

For a listing of shares from previous CSA seasons go to the Home Page and select "What's in a Typical Share?" Details box .

How much coffee is in a Coffee Share and how often do you get coffee in a Coffee Share?

The coffee is in full one pound bags and you will receive two one pound bags of coffee per distribution of the type and grind you select.  The distribution for coffee is once a month, 6 total distributions, 12 pounds total.  If you would like to order on an weekly basis, coffee is available from the Marketplace once the season begins.  The price per pound for the coffee share is $10.50 the price is slightly higher at $10.75 per pound on a weekly order basis from the Market Place.

What is a Fruit Share?

The Fruit Share is an optional share of local, conventionally grown fruit.  The farm offers the optional Fruit Share as a added benefit of local produce to the members.  The share quantity is less than the Vegetable Share.  The Fruit Share is for 20 weeks starting the 5th delivery of the CSA season when fruit becomes available.

What is a Dry Bean Share?

The Dry Bean Share is an optional share of Organic, New York State grown dry beans.  The Dry Bean Share is three varieties of beans, 1 pound bag of each variety delivered the first week of delivery for a total of 6 deliveries.  

Dry Beans are also available weekly through the online CSA Marketplace.

What is a Mushroom Share:

The mushroom share is naturally grown mushrooms from our neighbors the Bulich Mushroom Company, Catskill, NY.  There will be five different varieties of mushrooms delivered over the course of the season.  One variety each week.  The share weight will vary depending on the variety of mushroom.  The shiitake and oyster mushrooms are much more expensive than others and weight of the share will vary accordingly.  The Mushroom Share will start week #1 and continue for the entire season, 24 weeks in all.

 The Vegetable Share is Certified Organic, why isn’t the Fruit Share Certified Organic?

As an added benefit of CSA membership, the farm offers a Fruit Share of local, seasonal fruit.  The fruit is grown at neighboring conventional farms and orchards that use IPM methods to minimize there use of chemicals.  Some of the berries are no spray and members will receive that information in the weekly e-mail.

I noticed that the prices vary slightly from site to site.  Do all of the CSA sites receive the same shares?

The farm has a base price for all of the CSA shares.  Each CSA site has the option to add a small administrative fee to help offset the costs of running the CSA and distribution.  All of the CSA sites receive the same shares.  The share prices for each CSA group can be found by selecting Our CSA on the farm website home page and then CSA Locations and Pricing.

How do I find out what will be in the share each week?

 "What's In The Bag " can be found on the Home Page.  "What's In the Bag"  will be updated weekly with an overview of the upcoming share.  

In addition to the farm website, there is a weekly member e-mail from the farm. The e-mail will have Information about what is going on at the farm and also a list of the CSA shares for the week.  The e-mail is distributed by the local CSA group to their members.  Many CSA groups also have websites.  Check under the CSA listing on the farm website for contact e-mails for coordinators and also website listings for the CSA site.

Do I need to create a new member account each season?
Do not create a new member account.  Your CSA Member Account will follow each season.  

How can I check my account? 
LOGIN to your CSA Member Account from the farm website home page.

Select the My Account link where your details can be found.


What is the Marketplace?
The online CSA Marketplace offers products for members to order on a weekly basis to be delivered with the CSA shares.  Fair trade, Organic, Kosher Coffee, Mushrooms,  local Maple Syrup and Honey, NYS Organic and Natural Seed Oils, our own Merino Wool products, dry beans are available for online ordering.  During the season vegetables and fruit in bulk are also available for order through the online Marketplace.  We continue to add new regional products to the CSA Marketplace.  If you have a suggestion please e-mail the farm at

How do I place a Marketplace Order?

1.  Log into your account from the farm website home page.  

2.  Select Marketplace.  Click on the items you would like to purchase and add them to your cart.  

4. Complete the payment section.

5.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent and your order will be delivered with your CSA share.

Do you offer meat, eggs and dairy products?
We do not.  Many CSA sites partner with other farms for products that Stoneledge Farm does not offer.  Please check with your site coordinators to see if your CSA site offers additional products.

What is the farm address?

Stoneledge Farm
145 Garcia Lane
Leeds, NY 12451

What is the e-mail address and website for the farm?

The email address is

The website is

I would like to visit the farm.  Can I visit the farm?
There are two opportunities for members to visit the farm.

The Spring Open House and Plant Sale is held  in late May. Watch the Farm News section of the website for specific date and times.   The farm is open for all to come and visit.  A highlight is the Plant Sale of Certified Organic Transplants that we have grown just for the Open House.  CSA information and Marketplace items will be available, a farmers market, field walks and displays are available. 

Each year the Fall Farm Festival is held on Labor Day Saturday in September.  It is a great opportunity to visit the farm , meet the farmers and also other members.  A barbecue luncheon is provided by the farm and the barn is full of displays, Marketplace items for sale and other local farmers with their products, wagon rides around the farm.  Watch the Farm News section of the website for specific date and times. 

Try Our

Quality products from Stoneledge Farm and also other small farms.  CSA members order Marketplace products weekly for delivery with the CSA shares.

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