Do you have a question about registration and ordering? Most commonly asked questions are answered below. If you have further questions please contact us by sending an e-mail. Our email address is info@stoneledge.farm . We may not be able to get back to you right away so please be patient during our growing season.

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What is the farm address?

Stoneledge Farm
145 Garcia Lane
Leeds, NY 12451

What is the e-mail address and website for the farm?

The email address is info@stoneledge.farm

The website is www.stoneledge.farm

The instagram account #stoneledge.farm and also #stoneledgefarmwool

I would like to visit the farm. Can I visit the farm?
There are two opportunities for members to visit the farm.

The Spring Plant Sale is held in late May. Watch the Farm News section of the website for specific date and times. The farm is open for all to come and visit. A highlight is the Plant Sale of Certified Organic Transplants that we have grown just for the Plant Sale. CSA information and Marketplace items will be available as well as a wide variety of home grown Certified Organic transplants.

Each year the Fall Farm Festival is held on Labor Day Saturday in September.It is a great opportunity to visit the farm , meet the farmers and also other members. A barbecue luncheon is provided by the farm. The Farm Store is open with Marketplace items for sale along with wagon rides and farmer led walk around the farm. Watch the Farm News section of the website for specific date and times.

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