The CSA harvest season is scheduled for 22 weeks, June through October.  The weekly Vegetable Share consists of 8-12 different Certified Organic vegetables many weeks including an herb that is harvested according to their season.

2022 season:
Monday CSA sites June 6-October 31
Tuesday CSA sites June 7-November1
Wednesday CSA sites June 8-November 2 

The Vegetable Share is the base CSA share. Optional Fruit, Mushroom, Dry Bean and Coffee Shares can be added to the Vegetable Share.

There are two sized Vegetable Shares:  Full Vegetable Share and Small Vegetable Share, both delivered for 22 weeks.  Shares will be pre-boxed and delivered to the CSA locations.

Full Vegetable Share: Our main CSA Vegetable Share.  The weekly Full Vegetable Share is perfect for a family or for a smaller household that enjoys vegetables.  For smaller households, many members utilize all of the share by freezing or preserving so the share lasts into the winter.  The Full Vegetable Share consists of 8-12 different Certified Organic vegetables many weeks including an herb that is harvested according to their season.  

Small Vegetable Share :  A smaller share amount for 1-2 member household, 4-6 items per week, 22 week deliveries.  

There are a limited number of Small Vegetable Shares available.   If you feel that a Full Vegetable Share is too much, a share partner can be added to the Vegetable Share.  Splitting the payment and produce will be the responsibility of the members. The farm delivers pre-boxed shares and can not split shares for members.

For complete share options, pricing, distribution, and membership information for each CSA site select the Details box under the CSA Details & Pricing listing found on Our CSA tab.  Visit  "What's in a typical share?" for the past seasons CSA weekly shares  

Each season is filled with CSA member favorites.  Springtime brings Red Sails Lettuce, Zephyr Summer Squash, Bright Lights Swiss Chard, and Sunburst Tomatoes. Summertime and tomatoes, eggplant, peppers of all shapes, colors, and sizes fill the shares. Cooler weather and with the change of the seasons, heartier, heavier root crops: beets, carrots, potatoes, along with the sturdy greens kale, and collards finish the CSA harvest. All of the colors and flavors of the seasons. 

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Stoneledge Farm will act in good faith to provide the freshest organic produce for the 22 week season. Farming is dependent upon nature and there can be no guarantee of quantities or contents of CSA shares. Each year the Shares will vary with the season and availability due to growing conditions.  Download Membership Agreement for complete membership information.

All of the Vegetables are rinsed but will need a final wash before using. 

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