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27 Apr 2018

Cutting Seed Potatoes

Cutting potatoes for seed.  Each potato gets cut into two-inch pieces and then planted in the field.  The potato eye will create a potato plant.  The potato plant will then produce clusters of new potatoes. 

27 Mar 2018

Update: Spring Farm Visit

This Saturday is the Spring Farm Visit.  We will still be hosting the farm visit but wanted to update you that it looks like a lot of rain in the forecast.  The field activities (farm walk & wagon rides) will be canceled. We will also be hosting a fall farm visit in September if you aren’t able to make it.  We were hoping for a better day but the vegetables will sure be happy : )   See you Saturday!

19 Mar 2018

Moving into Greenhouse #2

Seeding with a vacuum seeder is so much quicker than using the hand held seeder.  Peter has master the seeder and the greenhouse is filling up quickly.  Early greens such as cabbage, boc choi, lettuces and kale are all seeded and will be some of the first greens in the CSA shares in June.

3 Mar 2018

Spring Seeding

It is late in February and the seeding for 2018 CSA season starts.  Each seed is carefully seeded into an individual cell.  There are 72 cells in each of the flats that we are seeding today.  The flats will be moved into the greenhouse where they will be watered and with the warmth of the sun will start to grow.   The CSA harvest and delivery  begins in June but the work of preparing for the first harvest starts months before.    

11 Jan 2018

Winter Feeding at Stoneledge Farm

Sheep, goats, chickens, cats and a donkey all joined Stoneledge Farm last winter.  Cold winter weather and the animals need hay that was harvested on the fields last summer.  We use the dormant greenhouses to store the hay throughout the winter.  There will be beautiful 100% fine Merino and Corriedale Sheep wool yarns available this upcoming season through the online CSA Marketplace.  

10 Jan 2018

2018 CSA Season Open

The 2018 CSA season is open!   To order your CSA share log into your member account if you are a returning member or create a new account if this is your first CSA order.  On the farm Pete and Pete Jr. have been tuning up the tractors and equipment for this coming growing season.  We have purchased our seed’s for the 2018 season and before you know it we will be planting again.  The crops are all planted by hand and kept warm in the greenhouse until they are [...]

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