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5 Nov 2021

Week #23

Week #23Dear CSA Members,This week's box is great for soup or a salad.  You will be getting lettuce, potatoes, celeriac, onions, and more.  Celeriac is so delicious in a homemade soup.  No celery is needed when you have this great vegetable.  It is packed full of nutrients and adds a wonderful flavor to your soup recipe.   You will also be getting kale this week.  Be sure to try this Roasted Beet and Kale salad with maple candied walnuts.  This is the BEST [...]

31 Oct 2021

Week #22

Week #22Dear CSA Members,In your box this week will be the 2021 harvest of POP Corn!  It is one of our favorite things that we grow here on the farm.  There are two ways you can pop it 1. you can put the cob in a closed paper bag and place it in your microwave hitting the popcorn button (listening very close and turning off the microwave once the popping stops)  or, you can cook it on the stovetop.  Click HERE to Learn HowThis week is November's coffee & Dry Bean [...]

22 Oct 2021

Week #20

Week #20Dear CSA Members,In the box this week will be potatoes, leeks, or onions along with some other fall greens, and lettuces.  Check out the potato soup recipe below!  It is absolutely delicious.  It looks to be a rainy week coming up so that will be perfect for some soup.  I also added some finely chopped kale into the soup which was a great addition!  Here on the farm, we have just about all the greenhouses cleaned up, and closed up for another winter season. [...]

22 Oct 2021

Week #21

Week #21Dear CSA Members,A lot of new things will be in your box this week!  Be sure to check out the recipes under the vegetable name if you are unsure of what to do.  Something that is very different is the brussel sprout greens.  They look similar to collard greens and they actually taste very close as well.  You will also be getting dinosaur kale in your box this week.  This kale is perfect for making kale chips!Here on the farm, the weather has been fairly nice for [...]

8 Oct 2021

Week #19 Farm News

Dear CSA Members,Week 19 already, we can't believe it.  It has been one challenging year for sure, but it did fly by.  In your box, this week will be some more fall salad greens, winter squash, and sweet potatoes.  Check out some of the delicious recipes in the list below.  One, in particular, is the roasted carrots.  They are so delicious and it is a nice time of year to have the oven on.Here on the farm, one fall projects we have been working on is getting our [...]

1 Oct 2021

Week #18 Farm News

Dear CSA Members,Another return of the lettuces this week.  One of my favorites things about enjoying fall lettuce is being able to incorporate fall recipes!  The recipes are so much different now than they were in the spring. Have fun creating a fresh fall dish!  (and, maybe an apple pie for dessert!)Make sure you wash your lettuce well to get any excess dirt out.  Due to the rainy season, the lettuce will hold extra dirt deep at the center of lettuce.  We give them a [...]

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