20 Mar 2020

Reassuring Words from the Farm

Reassuring Words from the Farm

To Our Customers and Community, 

We wanted to take the time to reach out and reassure you of our efforts on the farm. During this challenging time, we feel it is important to remind our members that the crops are beginning to grow; the greenhouses are warm with the high March sun. This has helped to lift our spirits, and we hope it will do the same for you. There are many uncertainties in the near future. Still, one thing is sure, and that is, we will be working tirelessly to produce the best produce possible for our supporters this coming season regardless of the current challenges.  

It is hard not to have your mindset change to focus on the single most important aspects of our daily lives. A family dinner, a home-cooked meal, and a fresh salad might be appreciated now more than ever. Stoneledge members have a unique advantage in getting produce directly from our farm to your table without the shipping transfers, distributors, co-packers, etc. We appreciate everyone who has understood this and continued to support us throughout the years. We also hope in this challenging time you will help to recruit new members so we can fill our membership for the season. This is the time of year when a large number of our members join our farm. We know there is a lot of uncertainty, but we hope that we can help to assure you we are working hard to fill your fridge and distribute our healthy immune-boosting veggies in the near future.

Most importantly, we hope all of you stay safe and healthy, and realize many sunny days are yet to come. They will help lift our spirits, warm the earth, and bring life to the spring greens. Get your salad spinners ready; take a deep breath, and be optimistic for days to come.  We will continue to work hard to streamline a path for fresh, organic, healthy vegetables to you!

Pete Jr. for Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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