The Mushroom Share is an optional share that can be added to the base Vegetable Share. The Mushrooms are locally raised naturally but are not Certified Organic. The mushrooms are freshly picked and pre-packed before delivery from a neighboring Mushroom Farm, Bulich Mushroom Farm:

A perfect addition to the weekly Vegetable Share.

The Mushroom Share delivery will be every week for the 22 week CSA season.  (Unless you have an alternate week share, they will be delivered every other week)  There are five varieties of local, naturally grown mushrooms that will be included over the entire season. There will be one type of mushroom per delivery.

The 22 week CSA Mushroom Share deliveries will consist of:

Crimini Mushrooms are also known as Italian Brown Mushrooms. Slightly deeper flavor than the White Button Mushroom. Approximately 1 pound per delivery.


White Button Mushrooms are one of the most popular and versatile, the universal mushroom. Approximately 1 pound per delivery


Portobello Mushroom is a large, dark brown fully mature mushroom. Portobello's gills are fully exposed, which means that some of the mushroom's moisture has evaporated. The reduced moisture concentrates and enriches the flavor and creates a dense, meaty texture. Approximately 3/4 pound per delivery.


Shiitake Mushrooms have a rich, smoky flavor. Popular for many culinary uses. Approximately 1/ 4 pound per delivery


Oyster Mushrooms have a slightly sweet, woodsy flavor. Delicious in soups and stir-fries. Approximately 1/ 4 pound per delivery

If you have great mushroom recipes, please send them to the farm at so we can start to post them on the Recipe Section of the farm website.