An optional Fruit Share is available as a supplemental share that can be added to the base Vegetable Share. The Fruit Share runs for 18 weeks starting at the fifth week of Vegetable Share delivery, when local fruit becomes available. The Fruit Share is a combination of fruit depending on the season and availability.

The Fruit Share delivery will be every week for  18 weeks total.  

The Fruit Share is fresh, local, conventionally grown fruit from neighboring orchards and fruit farms. The Fruit Share is conventionally grown fruit that is available locally and seasonally, most grown following IPM methods. Some of the berries are no-spray or organic depending on the crop.

Berries start the Fruit Share season followed by Peaches, Nectarines, Plums and Apricots.The fall brings Apples and Pears of many colors, shapes, flavors. Fresh, local and delicious.