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Quick uses for Napa Cabbage
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A variety of uses for Napa Cabbage


Soup: Shredded Napa Cabbage can be added to almost any soup.   Napa is especially good in chicken and beef soups. A quick and easy soup is a to make a simple miso soup broth and add some steamed chopped Napa.

Slaw. Substitute Napa Cabbage for  standard cabbage in any Cole Slaw recipe.

 Stuffed. Blanch whole Napa leaves until they just wilt. Stuff with beans, rice, ground cooked beef or pork.

 Stir Fry: Add Napa to a Stir fry, separating the white stems and dicing them into one inch squares.  Add the green leaves to the stir fry toward the end (since the greens take less time to cook.

Spring Rolls: Add Napa cooked or raw to a mix of other steamed veggies, shrimp, pork, noodles and wrap in spring roll wrappers. Serve with an asian style dipping sauce.

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