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26 Jul 2019

Farm News Week #9

Week #9 (ODD Week Pickup)Dear CSA Member,The weather has just beautiful lately.  Very low humidity and a constant breeze in the air has been a nice change from the prior week.  Currently, on the farm, we are planting the rest of our fall crops and keeping up with maintaining the rest of the fields.New this week (seen in the photo) is Amaranth, also known as Calaloo.  Amaranth is very popular in the Caribbean and has a taste comparable to spinach.  Amaranth is great in stews, [...]

19 Jul 2019

Farm News Week #8

Week #8 (EVEN Week Pickup)Dear CSA Member,It is going to be hot, hot, hot!  Thankfully a slight cool down this coming week.  We want to remind you when it is hot like this it is very important to get your veggies home, rinse down the greens, and get all your produce put away in the refrigerator.  Once you rise your greens they will fluff right back up.  The heat sure can take a toll on the produce, that is why it is so important to get your shares home right [...]

12 Jul 2019

Week #7 Farm News

Week #7 (ODD Week Pickup)Dear CSA Member,This week is a big cucumber week.  It seems like they are all coming on at once and we are loving every second of it.  They are enjoying this beautiful weather that we have been having as well as the rest of the produce in the fields.  It has been a lovely summer so far.  I wanted to take the time to highlight the Fennel that you will be getting again this week.  This is an odd one for some members or a favorite to others. [...]

5 Jul 2019

Week #6 Farm News

Week #6 (EVEN Week Pickup)Dear CSA Member,We have reached peak for all lettuces!  There has been a lot of lettuce these past few weeks, but with this heat, it won't last much longer.  Right now the summer squash and cucumbers are starting to produce and soon will be the eggplant.  Your bags will soon be filled with the summers harvest as the fields slowly move towards the summers season.This week you will be getting basil.  Basil is a hard item to store.  What we [...]

28 Jun 2019

Week #5 Farm News

Week #5 (Odd Week Pickup)Dear CSA Member,New this week is Purslane!  Purslane is a beautiful tender green that is rich in Omega 3's and has a flavorful lemony taste.  It can be eaten raw by adding to a salad for extra flavor.  You can also cook purslane if you prefer.  Find the recipes under the "let's get cookin!" part of the email.  Also, new this week is Sugar Snap Peas!  They are SO delicious and sweet.  Make sure you eat the whole pod, [...]

21 Jun 2019

Farm News Week #4

Week #4  (Even Pickup Week)Dear CSA Member,This past week has been pretty rainy but a sunny and dry weekend and week are forecasted.  Just what the plants are needing.  Right now in the fields, the summer squash and eggplant plants are in blossom.  (Check out photos on Instagram and Facebook)  They are a little late due to the overcast chillier spring weather we have had but, it won't be long until your bags are filled with the start of the summer harvests.  It [...]

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