28 Jun 2021

Week #4 Farm Mail

Week #4 Farm Mail

Dear CSA Members,

The weather here on the farm has been just beautiful this past week.  They are calling for high heat and humidity this weekend but that's summer right?!  Below is this week's crop list along with some important notes for your share.

A few new things in your boxes this week!  Summer Squash, Sugar Snap Peas, Escarole, Swiss Chard & Parsley.  A nice change of pace as we head into the first week of summer.  If you have never eaten a sugar snap pea check out this VIDEO on how to peel and enjoy the sugar snaps.  You eat the whole pod and they can be enjoyed raw or cooked.  They never make it back from the fields without Grace eating a whole basket for herself.  Your kids will surely enjoy this healthy veggie snack.

Also, new this week is Escarole.  A delicious Italian green, Not to be confused with lettuce.  It has a pure white base, and when placed on a table it will flatten out and not hold its shape like lettuce would.  Escarole is definitely a cooking green.  It has a bitter flavor if eaten raw.  Escarole is widely known to be paired with white beans, chicken, or sausage.  Here is a link to some great ways to use your escarole.

You will also be getting swiss chard this week.  It is a beautiful green packed full of vitamins.  You can cook the same way you would spinach and it even has a similar flavor.

July's coffee & Dry Bean shares will be coming this week if you ordered these.  Please don't forget to pick them up at the site.

Enjoy this week's harvest! 

Candice for Everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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