12 Jul 2019

Week #7 Farm News

Week #7 Farm News

Week #7 (ODD Week Pickup)

Dear CSA Member,

This week is a big cucumber week.  It seems like they are all coming on at once and we are loving every second of it.  They are enjoying this beautiful weather that we have been having as well as the rest of the produce in the fields.  It has been a lovely summer so far.  

I wanted to take the time to highlight the Fennel that you will be getting again this week.  This is an odd one for some members or a favorite to others.  Fennel is delicious shaved and tossed with olive oil, adding salt pistachios, or salty meat such as prosciutto or bacon.  You can also use in a cool cucumber salad.  (find the i in your email) Don't toss the fronds!  They can also used in soups, on a salad or, a topping when roasting veggies.  Have a recipe you would like to share using Fennel?  Please send it along!

Enjoy the Harvest!  Best, Candice

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