28 Jun 2019

Week #5 Farm News

Week #5 Farm News

Week #5 (Odd Week Pickup)

Dear CSA Member,

New this week is Purslane!  Purslane is a beautiful tender green that is rich in Omega 3's and has a flavorful lemony taste.  It can be eaten raw by adding to a salad for extra flavor.  You can also cook purslane if you prefer.  Find the recipes under the "let's get cookin!" part of the email.  Also, new this week is Sugar Snap Peas!  They are SO delicious and sweet.  Make sure you eat the whole pod, not just the peas.  They are great for a snack of good to cook as well. To eat pinch the stem and peel the string off and enjoy!

This week is spring cabbage as well.  (so many new things this week!)  You will find when you slice the cabbage how tender the cabbage is.  It makes a great summertime coleslaw!.  Using the cabbage and the Hudson Valley Apple Cider Vinegar (Balsamic Apple or Maple Vinegar) makes a VERY tasty cole slaw.  You can get this apple cider vinegar through the online marketplace.

Currently, on the farm, we have been working on weeding the fields.  Each row has to be cleaned using a hoe and sometimes we are able to cultivate using the tractor.  The cultivator has long tines that dig into the soil taking the weeds out along the way.  With all the rain this past spring brings weeds, weeds, and more weeds!  It's always a battle of the weeds.  But, we are very thankful the rain has given us a break.

Enjoy this weeks harvest!
Candice- for everyone here at Stoneledge

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