Handcrafted Wool Products and Yarns

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Stoneledge Farm Wool

Merino and Corriedale Sheep have become part of Stoneledge Farm once again.  Shearing is done  early each spring to give the sheep a much needed "hair cut".  Most of the wool is washed, carded and spun at a local mill, Battenkill Fibers,  into yarn.  We also wash, card and hand spin some of the wool on the farm.   

Finished yarn is available for your knitting, weaving and crocheting projects.  We also partner with a local master weaver to produce beautiful blankets from our wool yarns.

Stoneledge Farm Yarns

The yarn is available in natural white or naturally colored brown skeins.  The white wool is from the white Merino Sheep and the brown wool  is from the natural brown Corriedale Sheep.   If you are purchasing yarn for a project please purchase enough yarn to finish the project.  The blend of naturally colored fleeces will vary season to season as the color of the wool can vary.  

Stoneledge Farm  beautiful White Wool Yarn from the fleeces of our Merino Sheep.

Stoneledge Farm Corriedale Sheep and Natural Brown Wool Yarn from their fleece. 

Stoneledge Farm Handwoven Blankets

Stoneledge Farm partners with local woolen mill and local weavers to create beautiful hand crafted woven blankets from our wool.  The blankets are a herringbone tweed pattern using natural white and brown yarns.  


Our farm participates in  the Hudson Valley Textile Project to  promote quality locally produced textile products.

"The Hudson Valley Textile Project is a community of farmers, dyers, millers, designers, makers, distributors, and retailers who have come together...  We  share a concern about environmental and community impacts of the current mass market fashion trend to quickly-discarded, garments and home goods that are often poorly made, generally with synthetic fibers. "


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