How can I check my account?  I don’t remember if I added a Fruit Share and would like to check my payment and balance due.

LOGIN to your CSA Member Account from the farm website home page.

Select the My Account link where all of your contact, CSA and order details can be found.  Payment with a credit card can be made from your CSA Member Account.

If you would like to add to your original order you can by selecting CSA Shares on the top left menu bar, following the prompts.

Do I need to create a new member account each season?

Your CSA Member Account will follow each season.  Do not create a new member account.


What is the amount of vegetables in the Vegetable Share?

The Standard Vegetable Share is generally enough for a family of 4, but many single or two person households find that a Standard Share is just right for them.  It really depends on how many vegetables you eat in a week.  There are generally 6-8 different vegetables each week including an herb most weeks.  The vegetables are Certified Organic and are harvested according to their season.  The vegetable varieties will vary.

How much coffee is in a Coffee Share and how often do you get coffee in a Coffee Share?
The coffee is in full one pound bags and you will receive two one pound bags of coffee per distribution of the type and grind you select.  The distribution for coffee is once a month, 6 total distributions, 12 pounds total.  If you would like to order on an weekly basis, coffee is available from the Marketplace once the season begins.  The price per pound for the coffee share is $10.50 the price is slightly higher at $10.75 per pound on a weekly order basis from the Market Place.

What is a Fruit Share?
The Fruit Share is an optional share of local, conventionally grown fruit.  The farm offers the optional Fruit Share as a added benefit of local produce to the members.  The share is not as large as the Vegetable Share.  The Fruit Share is for 20 weeks starting the 5th delivery of the CSA season when fruit becomes available.

The Vegetable Share is Certified Organic, why isn’t the Fruit Share Certified Organic?
As an added benefit of CSA membership, the farm offers a Fruit Share of local, seasonal fruit.  The fruit is grown at neighboring conventional farms and orchards that use IPM methods to minimize there use of chemicals.  Some of the berries are no spray and members will receive that information in the weekly e-mail.

I noticed that the prices vary slightly from site to site.  Do all of the CSA sites receive the same shares?
The farm has a base price for all of the CSA shares.  Each CSA site has the option to add a small admin fee to help offset the costs of running the CSA and distribution.  All of the CSA sites receive the same shares.  The share prices for each CSA group can be found by selecting the CSA Site Information link on the left side bar of the farm website home page and then the Details box under the CSA site.

How do I find out what will be in the share each week?
There is a member e-mail from the farm each week.  There will be information  about what is going on at the farm and also a list of the CSA share for the week.  The e-mail is distributed by the local CSA group to their members.  Many CSA groups also have websites.  Check under the CSA listing on the farm website for contact e-mails for coordinators and also website listings for the CSA site.


What is the Marketplace?
The online CSA Marketplace offers products for members to order on a weekly basis to be delivered with the CSA shares.  Fair trade, Organic, Kosher Coffee, Mushrooms, Organic Dark Chocolate, local Maple Syrup and Honey are available for online ordering.  During the season vegetables and fruit in bulk are also available for order through the online Marketplace.

How do I place a Marketplace Order?

1.  Log into your account from the farm website home page.  

2.  Select Marketplace.  Click on the items you would like to purchase and add them to your cart.  

4. Complete the payment section.

5.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent.

Do you offer meat, eggs and dairy products?
We do not.  Many CSA sites partner with other farms for products that Stoneledge Farm does not offer.  Please check with your site coordinators to see if your CSA site offers additional products.