What is the farm address?

The PHYSICAL ADDRESS of the farm is:

145 Garcia Lane

Leeds, NY 12451

The MAILING ADDRESS for the farm is:

359 Ross Ruland Road

South Cairo, NY  12482

What is the e-mail address and website for the farm?

The email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The website is www.stoneledge.farm

I would like to visit the farm.  Are there opportunities to visit the farm?
Each year the Farm Festival is held in September at the farm.  It is a great opportunity to visit the farm , meet the farmers and also other members.  Work visits may also be scheduled during the season.

There will be other on farm events during the season that vary year to year. Members will be notified in advance of all upcoming events.

I would like more information about a CSA site.  What is the delivery day?  How much do the shares cost?   What is the address?

Information for each CSA can be found on the farm website www.stoneledge.farm, CSA Program tab, CSA Locations from the drop down menu and then click on the CSA Locations box.  Click on the Details box under the site you are interested in joining.  For a direct link go to http://www.stoneledge.farm/store/index.php/store/guests.

Why do I have to agree to volunteer for the local CSA?
Most CSA groups have a Volunteer Commitment Requirement.  It is generally 3-5 hours for the entire season.  The CSA is organized, coordinated and run by the local CSA group which is entirely volunteer effort.  It takes all of the membership to make the CSA run and each member is part of the CSA.  The hours are clearly posted on the CSA Site Information link on the farm website and also on the Details section of the CSA registration pages.  Questions about volunteering at the site should be directed to the CSA site coordinator of that location.  
There are also a group of very active volunteers that make up the Core Group for the CSA.  They volunteer many hours to run the CSA.  Members that are interested in joining the CSA Core Group should contact the coordinator at the site.

How do I sign up for volunteering hours?
All local organization is coordinated at the CSA site by the local CSA coordinators.  E-mail the coordinators at the CSA site so they can respond.  You can find the contact e-mail on the CSA Locations page under the CSA site listing.

I would like to become more involved.  Are there volunteering opportunities beyond my Membership Volunteering hours?
Yes, there is a Core Group of volunteers that organize and coordinate the local CSA group.  Contact the local CSA coordinators to become involved.  The CSA is run entirely by volunteers from the CSA.