We would like to Thank all Stoneledge Farm Members who participated in our survey.  Per members request we conducted a survey to allow input and suggestions.  We appreciate all responses, and are carefully considering all requests and ideas.  If you did not get the chance to participate in this survey,  we will be conducting another survey at the end of the season.  

For the 2016 season the Stoneledge Farm Marketplace will be offering conventionally grown NON GMO sweet corn.  This corn will be sourced from Story‚Äôs Farm in Kiskatom, NY (a local neighboring farm)  Also, for the 2016 season we have a couple new varieties of radishes.  All of the sugar snap peas and edamame beans are planted in the fields and are looking lush. 

Stoneledge Farm dose the best  to our ability to serve all of our members with the best organic food for the entire growing season.  We really enjoy having our members being involved in part of the farm decision making.  If you have any other requests or ideas, please send us an e-mail. 

Thank You,

From all of us at 

Stoneledge Farm 


Enjoy the afternoon at Stoneledge farm and talk with your farmer, and the farmers from Heather Ridge Farm. There will be local refreshments available, plus a farm tour and a food demonstration, presented by chef Rob Handel from the Bees Knees Cafe/ Heather Ridge Farm. Feel free to bring family and friends who are interested in the CSA program, or just want an afternoon out!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Stoneledge Farm Sign



Sugarsnap-Pea.jpg   Radish.jpg

Sugar snap peas are coming up                Radishes coming up under the row cover


HAPPY-EARTH-DAY-EVERYONE.jpg         white-scallions.jpg

Busy little bees! Happy Earth Day Everyone!      Scallions will be transplanted today

Pete Jr. getting the cultivator all hooked up to cultivate and fertilize the garlic.  Cultivating loosens the soil that had been compacted over the long winter months, allowing the plants to access the nutrients that it needs to survive.  Cultivating will also help keep the weeds down, and allow for proper growth of the vegetable.  


Cultivating.jpg    Garlic.jpg

Sugar Snap Peas are one of the first seeds planted in the field.  They mature better with cooler temperatures.  These peas are usually ready for harvest in about 60 days after planting.


The seeder up close.       



 Pete Jr., seeding beautiful rows Sugar Snap Peas.