It has been a beautiful fall.  The leaves have been spectacular.  The Oaks are always the last to color and last night many of them fell.  There is a blanket of leaves.  

The season is nearing an end with only one week remaining after this delivery.  Your bag will be full of all that the late season has to offer.  Garlic  and Shallots. Such great oniony crops this year.  We just planted our garlic crop for 2016.  The seed is the garlic that was grown this year.  Each head is split into cloves and the cloves planted.  Each clove will become a garlic head next season. The cloves overwinter in the field to sprout in the spring.  The cycle continues.

Popcorn for the first time this season.  The popcorn has been drying in the greenhouse. The heat and dry conditions are perfect to dry the corn. You can leave the pop corn to dry a bit more in a warm, dry spot.  To make fresh pop corn take the kernels from the cob.  The first row is the hardest.  The others will be easier as there is room on the cob.  Using about 1/2 cup of kernels for a large bowl of pop corn, heat a couple of tablespoons of oil in a large pan with a lid.  On medium high heat add the pop corn and cover.  As the corn heats the moisture in the kernel explodes.  Add butter, salt or your favorite and enjoy.

Farm Crew 2015

The Stoneledge Farm crew all gathered for a photo. 

From Left to Right:

Peter Jr., Candice, Julian Sr., Alan, Ramiro, Geo, Julian Jr., Deborah, Pete Sr., Juan and Snooper in the front.  Three father and son teams working this season: Peter Sr. and Peter Jr., Juan and Alan and Julian Sr. and Julian Jr. 


The 3rd GradeStudents from PS 11 visited the farm the last day of September.  They learned about the crops, systems used and had a first hand look, touch and taste of the fall crops.  They even helped pick up potatoes.  Each week PS 11 receives shares from the farm and the students then sell the produce at their Market which is held on Wednesdays

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picking diakon

sun across fall mts

The daikon patch seemed to be at the edge of the rainbow.  Beautiful sun and clouds race across the Catskill mountains with our fields in the foreground.  Perfect fall weather and perfect fall crops this week in the CSA shares.  Daikon, Beets with Greens, Butternut Winter Squash, Red Onions, Potatoes, fall Lettuces, Red Cherriette Radishes, Mizuna and Red Mustard.  Enjoy the bounty.

An excellent commentary and information from Core Group member Lori,


We’re getting daikon radishes in our share this week; not only are they nutritious and delicious, they are also a great tool for sustainable farmers. I visited the farm last winter and noticed fields of Daikon radishes. This surprised me, because there are usually cover crops—alfalfa, clover, winter pea—planted. I asked Deb, and she told me that daikons are the new cover crops—but it was freezing and snowing, and we didn’t have a time for a full explanation. So I looked it up when I got home, and found that daikons are sort of miraculous. Those huge roots are not only edible, they also aerate and break up the soil. And because they grow so big and deep, they release deep pockets of nitrogen (up to 200 pounds per acre), eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizer that is made from chemicals and petroleum. Then, when the roots freeze and disintegrate, they provide even more organic matter. See the whole story here:"


Juan and Allan

Juan and Allen picking Leeks


Fall is here and the trees are starting to show the beauty of their fall colors.  The fall crops that we planted late this summer are starting to come into their season as well.  Boc choi this week and the fall seeding of Mustard Greens along with Collards, Butternut, Leeks, Sage and Carrots.  There are new recipes on the farm website Recipe section that feature many of the vegetables in this weeks share.  

Market place items are great for holiday gift giving and do sell out as we move into the last weeks of the CSA season.  There are also bulk quantities of vegetables and new this week is a limited number of broccoli, along with kale, collards, apples and pears.  Taking a jar of home made apple sauce from the self is a treat during the winter. Kale is easily frozen and makes a great addition to a winter time nutritional shake.  To freeze kale for winter nutritional shakes just wash, chop, stuff cupcake tins and freeze.  Once the kale is frozen pop the cubes into a freezer bag.  You can also freeze kale loose in freezer bags and then take what you need.  Collards can be frozen the same way. When you are mixing a shake add a cube or a handful of frozen greens for an nutritional winter time boost.  This is the time of year to preserve the harvest for the long winter that is ahead.