Week #14

(These items might be adjusted of even changed depending on the harvest & weather)



-Collard Greens

-Savory (herb)



(Updated lists will be sent)

 Fruit Share:

-Bartlet Pears


Mushroom Share:


The onions are harvested when their tops start to decline and the outer skin of the bulb is starting to thicken and dry.  The onions are pulled, crated and then laid in long rows in the greenhouses on the benches to dry.  Air and warmth allow the skins to finish drying and the onions are now ready for distribution for your CSA share.  

Onions-2.jpg    Onions-1.jpg

The Tomatillo‚Äôs growing inside these beautiful husks.  Once the husk splits you will see a perfectly polished skin beneath and the Tomatillo is ready to pick!Tomitllo-1.jpg 


The fields are filing quickly with beautiful potato blossoms!   

Potatoe-Flower.jpg Field-of-Potatoe-flowers.jpg

Our garden is flourishing in the wonderful summer conditions we have had recently. The lack of moisture and warm dry conditions favor the up and coming heat loving summer produce. We are able to irrigate the crops which require more water while leaving others dry. Keeping the foliage of plants like tomatoes, potatoes, squash, cucumbers and sweet peppers dry is essential in preventing many diseases which can greatly reduce crop yields. We are certainly grateful for the stretch of seasonable weather we have had.  

What a weekly harvest of Summer Squash!  The conditions have been perfect and the picking abundant.  This week in your CSA share there will be mixed varieties of summer squash and zucchini.


strightneck-1.jpg   Geo--Squash-.jpg