Pete Jr. has starting planting in the field for this season!  He is using a vacuum seeder to plant the sugar snaps one seed and one row at a time!  Watch how it works by clicking here! 

Filling Seeder WEB

Seeding WEB 

Sunday, May, 21st 1pm - 3:30pm 

145 Garcia Lane Leeds, NY 12451 


Come visit our Certified Organic Vegetable Farm & Learn about the CSA program.

Enjoy a Farm Tour, Local Refreshments and a Cooking Demonstration done by Chef Rob Handel from the Bees Knees Cafe at Heather Ridge Farm. 


"Looking for ways to incorporate more locally grown, free range eggs into your diet? Join chef Rob Handel from Heather Ridge Farm and The Bees Knees Cafe for a frittata making demonstration and tasting. Frittatas are Italian style open faced omelets, excellent for breakfast, lunch, or a light dinner, and a great way to utilize spring vegetables. After the demonstration enjoy a taste of Rob's fritatta and take home the recipe to make it yourself.” 

-Rob Handel 



-Heather Ridge Farm -  Local Meat and Egg CSA

-Lime Klin Farm -  Local Cheese 

-Local Bee Keeper 

-Girl Scouts with an organic farming display

We hope to see you!

farm in december

Heading back to the barn

Ruth in the lead with Molly close behind.  The animals are heading into the barn at the end of the day in the beautiful snow.

Now that the delivery season has ended and winter has settled in we will have time to share a few photos around the farm.  This past spring 9 sheep, 2 goats and a donkey joined the farm.  The donkey is Ruth, goats Molly and Polly.  

The 2017 season is open and you can place an order for your share by logging into your CSA member account.  Order before the first of the year to take advantage of 2016 pricing still in affect.

Week #24

(These items might be adjusted of even changed depending on the harvest & weather)

-Winter Squash





-Mustard Greens



-Red Ace Beets



 Fruit Share:

-1 bag- Fuji Apples 

-1 bag- Bosc Pears 

Mushroom Share: