Farming is a balance of the weather we are experiencing, what we expect to happen tomorrow and what we are planning on in two and three months.  And each of those expectations can be turned upside down in an instant.

The first delivery vegetables have now been in the fields for months, the transplants for summer have just been planted and we are busy seeding flats with broccoli, cauliflower, kale and collards for the fall. 

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Many of the CSA groups that partner with our farm have wonderful, informative websites.  The websites have pertenent information about their specific site such as times of pick up and volunteer possibilities.

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The first vegetable share delivery will be this upcoming week. Please check the Upcoming Events link for the specific day and times.
The early season brings the first healthy greens in abundance.  Many of the early greens are in the Brassica family:  Mizuna, Bok Choi, Chinese Cabbage.  This group of vegetables grow best in the cool conditions of spring. They are a welcome taste of what is local and fresh. 

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What’s In the Bag Week #2
Dear CSA Member,

Among the top favorite vegetables that members look forward to receiving each year are Garlic Scapes.  They are the long, curly tailed seed head that emerges from the garlic plant early in the season. 

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