We are feeling a bit cold and soggy but the greens are in their glory.  This week there is a rainbow of colors and textures: Bright Lights Swiss Chard, Summer Spinach, Escarole, Red Leaf Lettuce and Nappa Cabbage. 

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More rain-we are really starting to feel a bit starved for sunshine.  I?m sure it will come in time. 
I write this short piece and send the list of vegetables before we really start picking.  It is based on a good guess and a hope.  This week we are planning and hoping to send Sugar Snap Peas. 

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Our Coffee Share Project is in cooperation with the non-profit group, Farmer to Farmer.  Jody Slocum just returned from a trip to Guatemala and sent this letter and photos of her trip.   Hi, Thought you might like to read a bit about my trip to Guatemala in June. The photos attached are of 1 rug hooking workshop 2 me with Reginalda and daughters in front of her new house 3 Esteban and family. His wife MarĂ­a died in March.

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NEXT SATURDAY, JULY 18, 11-2. Members are invited to come to the farm and give a hand harvesting this season's garlic. Bring your own picnic lunch, plenty of water to drink. You will be working in the soil, so wear shoes and clothes you don't mind getting dirty and a hat for the sun.

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You can tell we are certainly very busy as weeks have gone by and there has not been an update.  I wanted to let members know why the garlic harvest was cancelled.  The rain that has not stopped this summer was going to move in on Friday night and bring inches of water again. 

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