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Pure Local Honey

Stoneledge Farm Honey is produced locally. The honey is raw, unpasteurized and natural. The bees on the farm are pollinators for our crops and produce delicious honey.

  • 1/2 pint glass jar
  • 1 pint glass jar
  • 5 pound food grade plastic jug
  • 1 pint creamed honey
  • 1 pint comb honey

Bearkill Road Maple Syrup

Produced by our friend and neighbor Dave Camer, Conesville New York

Maple Syrup Grade A  Dark Color Robust Taste-  Formally Grade A

Maple Syrup Grade A Very Dark Color Strong Taste-  Formally Grade B

Maple Syrup Grade A Very Dark Color Strong Taste: Made late in the season, very dark with a very strong maple flavor. Although many people use this for table syrup; because of its strong flavor, it's often used for cooking, baking, and flavoring.

  • Pint
  • Quart
  • 1/2 Gallon