I am a new member.  How do I register and order a share?

As a new CSA member you will need to first create a Member Account and then place an order for your CSA shares for the season.  Your Member Account will carry into the next season but you will need to place an order for your shares at the beginning of each CSA season.

1. Click on New Member Registration on the farm website home page www.stoneledge.farm

From CSA location of your choice select New Member Register box and complete the registration.

4. Place your order for the CSA Share(s) by following the prompts.  At each share screen select Add to Cart of No Thanks. The final screen will prompt you to the checkout. 

Read the Membership Agreement and the Volunteer Agreement . You will agree by checking off the boxes.

Select payment method to complete the order. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. 

I am a returning CSA member and have a CSA Member Account.  How do I order a share?
You have created a CSA Member Registration and have an account already in the system.  Do not create a New Member Registration.

1. Click on Member Log in on the farm website

2. Log in with your e-mail address and password.  If you do not remember your password, select the Forgot Password option and follow the instructions.

Select CSA Shares.  

3.  Place your order for the CSA Share(s) by following the prompts.  The first share page is the Vegetable Share.  If you are adding a Share Partner to the Vegetable Share, select their contact from the drop down box and add before placing the Vegetable Share in the cart.  Information regarding splitting the share payment between share partners can be found following.

4.  Continue through the optional share pages: Fruit Share, Mushroom Share, Coffee Share.  At each share screen select Add to Cart of No Thanks.  The Vegetable Share is the only mandatory share for CSA membership.  The Fruit, Mushroom and Coffee shares are optional, additional shares that can be added to the base Vegetable Share. 5. Optional shares can be added anytime before delivery begins by logging into your CSA member account.

6. The final screen will prompt you to the checkout.  

7.  Read and agree to the Membership Agreement and the Volunteer Agreement by checking off the boxes.

8.  Select Payment method to complete the order. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address once the order is placed.  

Share Partners wishing to split the payment:  If there are share partners wishing to split the share payment, select the Pay with Check option when completing the order. When the order is first placed there is no option to specify the amount other than the full payment or three installment payments.  Once the order is submitted with the Pay with Check option, both share partners can then log back into their individual accounts go to My Account and make a payment for an outstanding order specifying an amount  Each share partner can log into their individual account and pay for half the order in this manner.  The other option is for each share partner to mail a check to the farm for their half of the share payment. Check’s can be made out to Stoneledge Farm, and mailed to 359 Ross Ruland Rd. South Cairo, NY 12482

Can I change my CSA site?

Before ordering a share a member can transfer their CSA membership to a new CSA location.  

  1. Log into your  CSA Member Account and click on the CSA Harvest Season box.  
  2. The first line of the Vegetable Share page is the Change CSA location option.  The line reads:  “Your current CSA is:  “ With a green box following:  “Change CSA”.  Click on the "Change CSA" box and select the CSA site you would like to be transferred to from the drop down options.  Your membership and order will be transferred to the CSA site you have selected.

If you have already ordered a share please contact the farm at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance.  

After the season has started a member can transfer  to a new location by contacting the farm at least 2 weeks in advance. 

I would like to add an optional share (Fruit Share, Coffee Share, Mushroom Share) to my existing Vegetable Share.  How do I update my current Vegetable Share order?
1.  Optional Shares can be added to your original Vegetable Share order any time up until delivery starts or the optional shares are sold out for that CSA site.  The Mushroom Share, Coffee Shares both start with the first CSA delivery.  The Fruit Share will start with the 5th Vegetable Share delivery when local fruit is available.

2,  Log into your account with your e-mail and password by selecting Member Login on the farm website home page. 
3.  Enter your e-mail address and password.  If you have forgotten your password select the Forgot Password and a link will be e-mailed to your account directing you to set up a new password.
4. Place your order by selecting the optional shares and adding them to your cart.  
5. Complete the payment section.
6.  A confirmation e-mail will be sent.

 If the Vegetable Share is split between share partners, each share partner can add individual Optional Shares to the order.  Follow the directions below.

Can I share a share if I decide that a Standard Share is too much?
Most CSA’s offer the option for members to share a Vegetable Share.  The farm sends one size Vegetable Share: the Standard Vegetable Share.  The Standard Vegetable Share is generally enough for a family of 4, but many single or two person households find that a Standard Share is just right for them.  It really depends on how many vegetables you eat in a week. Please consider carefully if half of the share each week will be enough for you.  You will be splitting a Standard Vegetable Share and the share partners are responsible for splitting the share.   

How do I add a Share Partner to the order?
A share partner needs to be added before the share order is placed in the shopping cart.  

Add the share partner to the order before adding to the cart by selecting the partner from the Share Partner drop down box.  

  1. To add a new share partner to your account click on “add your share partner”. 
  2. Enter the information required. 
  3. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the share partner.   Both members are agreeing to the Terms of Membership and also the Volunteer Requirements, both have their own individual CSA accounts.  

I only want to order a Fruit Share.  The system will not allow me to only order a Fruit Share/Coffee Share.
The Vegetable share is the base CSA share. To order a Fruit Share or a Coffee Share, the CSA member needs to have a Vegetable Share ordered. 

The Vegetables are grown on the farm and are certified organic.  The farm offers the Fruit Share/Coffee Shares as optional shares for members.   The Fruit Share is local, conventionally grown fruit.  The Coffee Share is Organic, Fair Trade Coffee, locally roasted.  After you have selected your Vegetable Share, an optional Fruit and or Coffee Share can be added.

I am listed as a share partner for a Standard Vegetable Share and would like to order a Fruit Share for my own.  How do I order a Fruit Share if I am a Share Partner on another members Vegetable Share?

1. If you have been added to an order as a share partner you will receive an e-mail that you must respond to and Accept the share partner invitation.  At that time your account will become active any you will have a current Vegetable Share order listed under your name.  Log into your account with your e-mail and password.

2.  You have a Vegetable Share ordered for the season so you can add optional shares.

3.  Select the Harvest Season box and order the CSA Shares you would like to add.  

4.  Complete the order.  The additional shares will be added to the Member Roster under your name.

There may be vegetables that I am not familiar with.  Do you provide recipes?
There is a Recipe link on the farm website.  Recipes are added as they are sent to us by members.  Many CSA groups have a newsletter and website that also provide recipes.  A quick online search will also offer many recipes.

At the beginning of each Vegetable listing on the Recipe page there is a photo of the different varieties of that vegetable that may come with your CSA share.