I would like to make an online payment.

1.  MEMBER LOGIN  farm website home page www.stoneledge.farm

2.  Log in with your e-mail and password.
3.  Select the My Account link from the upper right menu.  Credit Card payments can be made from the Make Payment link once logged into the Member Account.

The Vegetable Share is being split between two members.  How do we each make payment for our 1/2 of the share?

If there are share partners wishing to split the share payment, select the Pay in Full with Check option when completing the order. When the order is first placed there is no option to specify the amount other than the full payment or three installment payments.  

Once the order is submitted with the Pay with Check option, both share partners can then log back into their individual accounts go to My Account, Make Payment and make a payment for an outstanding order specifying an amount  Each share partner can log into their individual account and pay for half the order in this manner.  

The other option is for each share partner to mail a check to the farm for their half of the share payment.

What is the farm address?

The PHYSICAL ADDRESS of the farm is:

145 Garcia Lane

Leeds, NY 12451

The MAILING ADDRESS for the farm is:

359 Ross Ruland Road

South Cairo, NY  12482

What is the e-mail address and website for the farm?

The email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The website is www.stoneledge.farm

Are there payment options?
You have the option to pay in full with a credit card, pay in full with a mailed check, make three payments with a credit card or three payments with a mailed check.  

If you select the three payment with a credit card, your card will be securely stored and charged for the remaining two payments.  The payment schedule will be displayed on the screen and you will receive a reminder when the upcoming payments are to be charged.  Confirmation e-mails for all payments will be sent to your e-mail account.

If the Pay with Check, three payments is selected the first payment is due when the share is ordered.  You will receive a reminder e-mail when the 2nd and 3rd payments are due in one and then two months following the initial order.

If you would like to set up an extended payment plan, please contact the farm.  We are happy to work with members, but the commitment is for the entire season and members are expected to complete payment for the shares.

One CSA site, Chelsea offers payment with SNAP.  Please contact the Chelsea CSA site coordinator directly for more information.

I have ordered a Vegetable and Fruit Share.  I  selected “Checkout” but the system will not allow me to move on to the payment page.  What do I do?
A couple of possibilities.  

When first ordering a Vegetable Share each of the optional Share pages (Fruit Share, Coffee Share, Mushroom Share) need to be advanced through.  Select Add to Cart or No Thanks at each of the optional Share pages.  The last screen will prompt you to either add more shares or complete payment.

The Member Agreement and the Volunteer Requirement boxes for their CSA site must be checked.  If the boxes are not both checked, the page will not proceed.

How can I update my credit card for future payments?
You can update your credit card on file from your CSA on line member account.  
1.  Log into your account from the farm website home page  www.stoneledge.farm, select Member Login and enter your e-mail and password.  There is a Forgot Password link available.
2.  Select My Account from the upper menu and then the Edit function of the My Cards on File. Submit and your credit card information will be updated.

Do you accept EBT benefits?

The Chelsea CSA will accept EBT benefits for CSA member share orders.  Please contact the site Coordinator at the Chelsea CSA for details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.