Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a unique relationship of mutual support and commitment between a farm and community members for an entire growing season.  CSA members purchase a share for the growing season before the harvest begins.  The price of the share enables the farm to cover yearly costs, almost all of which are incurred before the crops are ready for harvest.  This entitles the member to a share of the harvest thought out the season, grown and delivered by a farm they know and trust.  

The CSA season runs 24  weeks from June until November. 

The 2017 CSA season delivery dates:

Monday CSA sites will be June 5-November 13, 2017

Tuesday CSA sites will be June 6-November 14, 2017

Wednesday CSA sites will be June 7-November 15, 2017 


The Vegetable Share is the base CSA share.  Optional Shares can be added to the Vegetable Share: Fruit, Mushroom and Coffee Shares.  Complete information for each CSA site can be found by going to the CSA Locations link and then selecting theDetailsbox under the CSA site.  Payment options for shares are available.  Members can select to pay all at once with a credit card or mailing a check to the farm as well as a three pay option with credit card or check that divides the payment into three equal amounts due over a three month time period. 

Stoneledge Farm acts in good faith to provide CSA members with plentiful shares of fresh, local, organic produce for the CSA harvest season. Farming by its' nature has inherent benefits of an abundant harvest and also risk, with no guarantee of quantities or contents of the CSA shares.   CSA membership is a commitment to supporting regional agriculture and a small family farm, the local community and to share the bounty of the harvest and well as the risk of production.


Each CSA location is organized, coordinated and managed by a Core Group of Volunteers of that CSA. If you are interested in working as a Core Group member, please contact the site coordinator to become involved. 

Most CSA Locations have a Member Volunteer Commitment Requirement.  As a CSA member you are agreeing to fulfill your volunteer commitment if required by your CSA site.  The weekly CSA distribution of shares depends on the volunteer effort of the local CSA membership. The CSA community grows as members volunteer at the site, organize local events, share recipe ideas and meet at the weekly CSA distribution.  The member volunteering requirement  for each CSA site can be found by going to the CSA Locations link and then selecting the Details box under the CSA site.

If a CSA member can not pick up their share, a friend or neighbor can be designated to pick up the share.  Shares not picked up during the CSA distribution time will be donated by the CSA to a local organization.  Stoneledge Farm donates one free Vegetable Share for each 10 Vegetable Shares sold for the CSA Core Group to use in a way that best serves their local CSA community.  The Community of CSA members and support of the local community are a vital aspect of CSA.

CSA members have a direct relationship and are connected to the farm and the farmers.  CSA Members receive a weekly e-mail newsletter that provides information about what is happening on the farm and a list of what is in the CSA share for the week. Photos of the farm, recipes and the farm news are available on the farm website. The farm FaceBook page,, has photos updated weekly during the CSA harvest season.

Members are invited to come to the farm and visit during the annual Fall Farm Festival held in September.  The Fall Farm Festival is a fabulous day of fellowship with the farmers and other CSA members.  Share a pot luck luncheon at the farm, walk the fields to see the harvest as it is growing, meet all of us at Stoneledge Farm, experience first hand the sights and smells of the farm.

Become a CSA member.  As a CSA member you know where, when and how your food is being produced.   As a CSA member you are actively participating in regional agriculture by directly supporting a small family farm, your community and eating seasonally, locally and organically. Join today.


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