This week has really put us through our paces. We thought that just getting the string beans picked would be our major hurdle, but that ended up being just about the easiest part of this week.

Yesterdays' storm was so severe that many areas of South Cairo are still out of power. The downed trees and wind damage was something that we have not seen. In addition to the heavy rains we were also pelted with a hail storm. The hail was the size of golf balls and covered the ground. It did a large amount of damage to all of the lettuces and this will be the last of the lettuce until the fall planting is ready. The romaine was just perfect, but it is no longer. We decided to pick the heads this week although you will see a somewhat tattered appearance and have one last week of lettuce. You should use the lettuce right away because they will not last.

The beans are perfect, the fennel delicious and the cucumbers just about as juicy as you can get. We have next week to look forward to.